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Yantai Care Microwave System welcomes you visiting

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About us

as world industrial microwave power supplier Yenta Care Microwave System was founded in Yantai Since 2000 for Industrial microwave oven design and engineering service, offering a range of microwave solutions that enable our clients to benefit from the advantages of industrial microwave technology, known for innovative processing systems for microwave drying and sintering. For 7 years Care has been supplying quality microwave power systems to chemical ,food , science, medicine ,wood and hospital for the processing of such diverse products as rubber, semiconductors, food, ceramics, chemicals, foundry molds, waste remediation, pharmaceuticals ,sintering ,and countless other applications requiring innovative forms of process heat.

Custom manufacturing is the hallmark of Care Incorporated. Every machine we produce is viability tested, designed, engineered and produced to meet your specific needs. It is this attention to unique applications that makes a tailor made Care industry microwave system superior in quality, productivity and durability

Whether you are looking for single microwave spare parts or you need a complete microwave system please contact Yenta Care microwave Sales Engineer and let us show you how we can help.

Yantai Care Microwave System welcomes you visiting.

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Address: Yantai City West Shing Street and First Avenue on the 28th 1007-1
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