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the primciple of deactivating and drying tea   

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Tea leaf has a wide prospective future in development. In recent years its reported a lot that microwave application technology as one of the deep-processing technologies has developed on a large scale. Since human discovered the thermal efficiency in 1945, microwave heating is used wider and wider. For tea leaf contains water, water molecules are polarized in the microwave electromagnetic field that own dipole features and continuously change the polar directions along with the frequency of the electromagnetic field. The molecules vibrate at high speed and generate friction heat so that the temperature of the tea rises from deep-seated inside with heat being homogeneously distributed. This feature of heating of microwave can makes the tea leaves calefy quickly and reach to the critical temperature of deactivating enzyme and accelerate the movement of water in the tea. That is suit for deactivation technology and the drying work at later period of green tea. Japan, korea apply microwave to process tea, the effective nutritious components of made-up green tea can be kept well and color, smell, taste are all better than traditional technology. Thus it can be seen that microwave is a ideal method to be used in tea deactivation and drying  in the later period, the key of application is how to match microwave frequency, power, material function speed, the structure of microwave heating equipment and to excogitate the technologic criterion that apply microwave technology to deactivate and dry tea.

Microwave deactivation, drying  refers to that microwave generator radiate microwave to materials and penetrate into the inside to make the polar molecules such as water molecules and so on rotate in-phase with the speed

billions times per minute.As a result of the high rotary speed, the material generates friction heat iommediately that leads to the material calefy inside and outside at the same time and the temperature inside is higher than the outside that make the enzyme lose lifelessness and evaporate part of the water molecules so that achieve tea deactivation and dryness. This method is featured by short heating time, consistent temperature inside and outside, the heat transfer direction from inside to outside is consistent with the moisture  transfer direction that is different from traditional method which takes certain heating time to transfer the heat from outside to inside that lead to problems like temperature difference between inside and outside and the directions of heat transfer and moisture transfer are different. The features that microwave can penetrate into the material heat it without high-temperature heat medium , when use it to process tea, radically change the traditional method which relys on high-temperature medium and heat transfer to heat, at the same time, because of the thermal efficiency in the process of drying, the processing time is saved a lot that shows the unique superiority of the microwave.

     Compared with traditional method of burning the coal ,the whole cost of microwave deactivation, dryness can decrease by 8.5% while the selling price can increase by 30%.Using electricity instead of burning coal or firewood, no noise, no smog, no annoying dust, in addition, microwave can sterilize well so as to the tea products are sanitary and safe. microwave makes the worker work in different way that relieve the labor intensity, which contributes to realistic significance of tea processing technology. Japan, korea apply the microwave technology to process tea and get great profit, Our company is a big company to produce tea, tea modernization processing technology application has a broad prospect in market. After making great effort on it for many years, the technology to make microwave equipments is able to meet the requirement of the market. JIE QUAN MICROWAVE EQUIPMENT COMPANY has pushed many microwave equipments that used to process tea at professional level, more and more enterprises have shown their agreement of our products.


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