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the microwave equipment for processing tea leaf 

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1.tunnel microwave dryer:

function : tea deactivation, preventing enzyme, drying production line

consist :microwave heater with multimode cavity ,microwave suppresser, microwave, choke door, temperature measurement and control system material transmission system, high-steady microwave source, loading and discharging material system and automatically spreading material systemcomputer-controlled system.

assembled structure, in accordance with the output of the tea-processing enterprises, choose microwave power, it not only can produce in batches but also can continuously produce on a large scale, microwave power of every group of heaters with multimode cavity is 2kw,equipment power can be range from 4 to 60kw and corresponding deactivation output is range from 20 to 400 per hour

simple operation, convenient to repair, it adopts advanced equipment manufacturing technology overseas and PLC program controlling that make it become intelligent high-tech equipment, simple operation interface, low defeat rate. After short time training, the electricians are able to master how to maintain and repair the equipment basically.

2.box industrial microwave oven

function: process in batches to prevent enzyme, deactivate and dry the tea leaf

consist: microwave chambermicrowave choke door, three-dimensional rotation system for teaseveral groups of linear and adjustable microwave sources,temperature testing system, time controller and industrial controller.

area of spreading materials:1-3 m2

microwave is homogeneously distributed , indexes of the products are just the same after processing.

Land area occupied: 1-4m2,low requirement for the environment

It can be utilized in laboratoryhomemedium-sized and small-sized enterprises ,in addition ,it can be used for heatingdrying many kind of foodsmedicinesagricultural and sideline products.

3microwave vacuum dryer:

function:It is used for drying the deactivated tea at low temperature and keeping the luster and quality of the tea. Under most situations, it is used for processing the slap-up tea.

consist: microwave vacuum chamber ,microwave choke door, three-dimention rotation system for tea ,several groups of linear and adjustable microwave source, temperature testing system, vacuum system.

area of spreading materials:1-3 m2

homogeneous distribution,temperature of dehydtration is about 30 degree

microwave power is range from 2KW-10KW,daily processing output is about 50-600kg

4.microwave vacuum (freezing)dryer

function: freeze and dry the deactivation tea, keep the original luster and quality well. it

is used for process slap-up tea

consist: microwave chambermicrowave choke door three dimensional rotation system for tea leafseveral linear and adjustable microwave sourcestemperature measurement systemrefrigerated bafflerefrigeration machineshigh vacuum system

drying area:1-3 m2

microwave is homogeneously distributed, tea can be dehydrated below minus 10 degree.

microwave power is range from 2KW to 5KW,daily processing output is range from 20 to 200 kilogram.

drying cost is lower than ordinary drying equipments


function : extract condensed liquid of tea; extract tea polyphenols; compared with traditional way, its featured with time saving ,high efficiency, energy saving. Only in few minutes, extraction rate of tea polyphenols once can reach up to 90%.This equipment lower the cost dramatically.

consist: of microwave chamber, microwave choke doorstirring system, several groups of linear and adjustable microwave sources, temperature testing system, cooling system, inlet and outlet of materials

capacity can be six kinds of models like 2L,10L,100L,500L,1000L,3000L

processing output of extraction pot equals to 3 times to 5 times done by traditional extraction pot with the same capacity.

microwave power is range from700w to 100KW

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