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The application of microwave in deep processing

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These years, scientists pay more attention to study how much protein human body take in and notice that there is an obvious difference between the amount of protein taken in by the people from developed country and the undeveloped country. After researching and selecting for several years, the scientists all consider bean and its deep-processed products as the optimal plant protein source. But beans have a special smell------fishy smell, that bean flour without been taken off fishy smell is bound to affect the original flavor. If we make the bean be new-type bean flour without fishy smell just as soybean milk which can be mixed with water directly and drink it or mixed with other foods, It has full-bodied pleasant bean smell and its nutritious value is high. Our company introduces advanced technology overseas and successfully manufactures microwave bean flour processing equipment. Taking advantage of this equipment to produce bean flour without fishy smell , the physical and chemical standard totally meet the national standard, thereinto, sanitary index is greatly superior to national standard, escherichia coil equals to or less than 300 per gram, total bacteria is equal to or less than 19000 per gram. The following is the comparison of the quality of the bean flour and the procedures respectively using these two kind of technologies.

一、Traditional technology to produce soybean flour

This technology, first of all, soaks the soybeans and makes the soybeans expand so as to be convenient for pulverizing and extracting the protein in the soya tissue. After grinding the soaked soybeans, the water temperature, the water quality and the influence that quantity of the water on soya protein should be paid attention to. When the soyas become mushy, soybean milk can be extracted. In order to fully extract the soya protein from the mushy soya,the quantity of water added and the temperature should be well controlled. Finally, condensing the soybean milk out of the mushy soya, under the condition of vacuum, making the soybean flour, the requirement of the bacteria: escherichia coil equals to or less than 30 per 100 gram, the total number of the bacteria: equals to or less than 1900 per gram, no pathogen. The shortages of this technology are long productive period, high cost for equipment, low usage rate of soybeans, high energy waste, strong labor intensity, high productive cost; on the other side, for using low-temperature drying method, the fishy smell is not able to be got rid of thoroughly. The whole procedures are like this:

Soybeans - soak pulverize filter condense - vacuum drying(spray drying) - package-finished product



Currently, the authority considers why the fishy smell exists is that broken beans expose in the air, the catalysis of fat oxidase, makes a lot of unsaturated fatty acid be oxidated to the hydroperoxide of fatty acidTherefore, before the bean is broken, the passivation of fat oxidase is the key. Heating can make it lose the capability to catalyze the unsaturated fat acid. However, too long heating time will result in

the solubility difference and low usage rate of soybeans.

New-type bean flour without fishy smell production, employs microwave technology to dry and take off fishy smell from the beans, changing traditional technology of wet process to dry process that takes off fishy smell and grinds the beans into flour directly without soaking the beans in water in advance.

(like picture 2) The whole working procedure is shortened, quality of the bean flour is improved farther.

Soybeans---sorting---taking off fishy smell with microwave(sterilizing) ---- pulverizing (peeling off the skin) --- packing---finished product

Whole fat soybean flour production technology

After being sorted by sorting machine, beans are transmitted into microwave heater by conveyer belt and suffer from radiation for a few minutes, then take off the fishy smell and sterilize the beans. Using microwave to penetrate and heat is not affected by the factors as the granular shape, heat transfer and so on, Its superior to general heat transfer, radiation and convection heating.

In addition, on picture three, that technological flow is a popular processing way in recent years. It is an excellent equipment to produce all kind of low-fat food

soybean---sort----pulverize---mill oil ---microwave treatment ---pulverize---- addictive ----mix---pack---finished product

Picture three Degreased bean flour production technology(3)

Technological flow that produces bean flour using microwave treatment in dry process has features of low productive cycle, less equipment investment, high usage rate of soybeans, good result of taking off the fishy, low energy consumption, high automatization degree, low productive cost.


1.comparison of nutrition(protein)

original production technology----the amount of the protein that relies on the water to be dissolved out, take nitrogen for example, the best result is able to dissolve out 80%-90%

new production technology---Because skipping soaking in water, It directly takes off the fishy smell from the granular beans and pulverize them .All of the protein is well kept except the skin of the beans.

2.comparison of the loss of nutrition after heating

The influence on water-solubility because of bean flour heating treatment(the percentage of water-solubility nitrogen of the whole nitrogen)

treatment condition          temperature    time(min)        water

no treatment condition         -----          -----             75.6                                                 

dry process of microwave      100            6             64.4

heat under high pressure       121            60            7.5

heat under high pressure       121            10            8.8

heat under high pressure       121             5            4.9

boil                          100            60            15.2

note: water-solubility refers to the amount of the bean protein out of the water solution, take nitrogen for example.

This table shows that the solubility of protein has to do with water vapour besides heating temperature and time, especially, the solubility obviously decreases using steam to heat. in addition, heating in dry process in that table causes less loss of nutrition. microwave heating is one kind of xerothermal method The temperature should be about 100 degree, after heating for several minutes, it can take off the fishy and sterilize the materials. water-solubility is above 64.5%

(3) profit

1.prodution circle: original technology takes long time to soak the beans, it needs to soak the beans for 10-15hours in the water at15-20 degree. the whole course for producing bean flour is last for many hours. Present technology directly uses microwave to heat and take off the fishy smell, only taking 20minutes

2.usage rate of beans: original technology dissolve out bean protein with water, after grinding, condensing and drying, only 40%-60% of beans can be used. Present technology directly heats and takes the fishy smell off the soybeans including 10% water ,the usage rate can reach to 100% except the skin of the beans.

3.equipment investment: Original technology needs to use steam. Only he boiler and installation cost should be several hundred thousand RMB, If taking condensation equipment, vacuum dryer, equipment to soak beans and so on into account, the whole set of technological equipments should cost nearly million RMB. Present technology only needs 600 thousand to 700 thousand to buy the whole set of equipment needed.

4.energy consumption: Original technology needs coal, electricity, water. Present technology only needs electricity and only a few equipments to cool the water. Because microwave heating way acts energy directly on materials, and makes materials absorb the microwave electromagnetic energy without conductive medium. Thus, the energy is saved a lot

四、Introduction to JIE QUAN microwave equipment

The equipment for taking fishy smell off the beans makes use of 2450MHz frequency, 20KW microwave power with tunnel shape. It consists of chambermicrowave energysuppresserdrive line systemself-control &detection systemMicrowave system employs advanced microwave feed-in technology in 21 century, which can rise the temperature of materials rapidly and evenly heat the bean, as a result, it can make sure the beans will get rid of fishy smell in short time and the nutrition loss is minimized. There is mulriple radiation in the microwave chamber that act on the up and down of the materials so that insure the uniformity of material in the thickness direction. This equipment can be applied to dry, sterilize and keep other kinds of agricultural and sideline products fresh besides processing bean flour.

The bean flour produced by microwave equipment for taking off fishy smell is able to be mixed with water for drinking as well as mixed with other food as basic stuff to change the flavor of the food, For example: Using bean flour to make bread can prevent starches from ageing, get more nutrition and enhance the flavor; When making the instant noodles, if certain bean flour is added that can prevent osmosis of oil and save oil. When knead wheat flour with water ,it becomes to be gluten which has good springness. We exactly take advantage of his characteristic to make bread, if we add some bean flour to flour and knead it in advance, much more water should be added in order to make the bread with the same glutinosity as without bean flour. It shows bean flour is able to keep the water well; Bean flour can make fat together when being added into the hunt sausage. It is able to reduce sweetness of chocolate candy, even in summer, the chocolate is not easy to melt


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