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industrial microwave sterilizer system for spice herbs

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The general goal of this Consortium is to develop microwave sterilization technology for commercial production of high quality, safe and shelf-stable packaged meals. The same technology can also be used for pasteurization of packaged foods for retail markets.

The activities of the consortium include the development of pilot-scale microwave sterilization systems, use of the new system to demonstrate the feasibility of producing high quality shelf-stable food, generating engineering data for the design of commercial systems to support FDA approval of the microwave sterilization systems/processes.

Technical data:



Working Frequency


Output Power


Microwave Leakage(MW/cm2)

≤National standard 5mw/cm2(National Standard)

Productivity of Drying

30-50 kg/h

Productivity of Sterilization

100—400 kg/h

Driving Speed

0-3 m/min Stepless Adjustable Speed

Air for Dehumidification


External Dimensionl




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