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Combination Vacuum Dryers

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Vacuum dryers achieve containment and have been used for many years in the removal of moisture from various products. Predominantly they have been used when oxidization of the product requires the drying to be carried out in an isolated inert atmosphere, or if the solvent needs to be recovered for economical\environmental reasons. An increasing number have been combined with the granulation stages achieving a contained system.

Unfortunately, for general production of pharmaceuticals there are advantages, the most notable of which are long drying periods, wall fouling and case hardening of the granule. These problems are caused by the nature of indirect vacuum drying which depends almost solely upon conduction of heat from the side wall. The addition of drying energy in the form of microwaves removes the need for hot jackets plus gives other added benefits such as:

  • Higher energy input (faster drying)
  • Fully scalable process
  • Minimum of vessel wall fouling (low jacket temperatures) giving higher yields.
  • Preferential heating of the solvent not the product
  • No warm up periods

In 1987 T K Fielder produced a system combining their granulators and microwave assisted vacuum dryers, designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, they were the first scalable 'one pot' processors. Today Aeromatic-Fielder is the largest producer in the world for this type of system.

The Spectrum combined Mixer / Granulator / Vacuum microwave dryer

Microwave GP 1200

The Spectrum is a combination of a conventional high shear mixer / granulator and a vacuum dryer utilizing microwaves as the energy source for the drying rather than the normal heat conduction from the jacket walls.

The GP General Processor™ incorporates high-shear granulation with vacuum and microwave drying options in a single one-pot processor. Vacuum drying may be gas assisted to improve heat and mass transfer. Microwave drying uses a magnetron array in the bowl for exact scale up and times equal to conventional drying process.

Capacity: from 1kg to several hundred kg/batch

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