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Microwave Vacuum Low Temperature Drying Equipment

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Product Description

Brief Introduction:

Microwave vacuum drying equipment, which combines microwave energy technology and vacuum technology, is a kind of new type microwave energy application equipment. It not only has advantages of microwave and vacuum drying but also has overcome shortcomings of general vacuum equipments, such as long drying cycling time and low efficiency. As for general drying courses, microwave vacuum characterizes big drying output, good quality and low cost of processing etc. It is well known, when air pressure reduces, water boiling point will reduce too. For example, water boiling point is 100ºC under the circumstance of atmospheric pressure (101. 3kpa); While water boiling point is 40ºC under the circumstance of 0. 073 atmospheric pressure
(7. 37kpa). In the condition of vacuum, heating materials can make water within materials vaporize in the state of no temperature rise. And, it is very difficult to process air convection heat-transfer in the condition of vacuum. Only by the method of heat conduction, hot energy can be supplied to the materials. According to the general vacuum drying way, heat conduction velocity is very slow, inefficiency and hard to control temperature. Further, it is likely to appear temperature difference between inside and outside of materials. Microwave heating is a kind of radiation heating, which microwave directly effects on the materials and makes the inside and outside of materials be heated at the same time. There is no need to transfer heat quantity through convection or conduction. So, microwave heating has advantages of rapid heating, high-efficiency drying and good qualityof drying. Microwave vacuum drying equipment is a hi-tech product integrated multiple sciences as a whole.

Microwave vacuum drying equipment is mainly made up of microwave signal generator, vacuum drying chamber, material tray, vacuum pumping system and controlling system.


(1) High Efficiency: Compared with general drying technologies, it can increase work efficiency at least four times above.
(2) Even Heating: As microwave heating heats up the inside and outside of materials at one time. Temperature difference between the inside and outside of materials is tiny. Thus, there is no question of appearing heating variance of inside and outside which general heating will happen. Drying quality is greatly improved.
(3) Easy to Control: It is convenient for continuous production, and it realizes automatization. Based on its characteristics of quick arrangement of microwave power and no inertia, it is easy to instant control, as well as arrangement and determination of process parameters.
(4) Small size. There is monitor installed in the interior, which can observe all courses of drying.
(5) Products of Good Quality: The quality of processed products is improved dramatically.
(6) Besides, microwave equipment owns sterilization and disinfection effects, which make the processed products safe and healthy, as well as long quality guaranteed period.

By processing dehydrated vegetables, the comparative results of different drying equipments' processing property, economic benefit, product quality etc., as follow:

It is learned from comparison that, the efficiency of microwave vacuum drying equipment is four times higher than the one of general vacuum drying equipment. Thus, it is ensured that microwave vacuum drying technology is a technology with outst-anding economic benefits and very good promotional value.

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