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v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Microwaving trees speeds up coffee table production  (2008-08-28 08:51:31)
v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Method of drying wood veneer  (2008-08-28 08:40:32)
v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Alternative Ways Drying Wood Turnings  (2008-08-28 08:29:58)
v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Microwave Drying the Science Way  (2008-08-28 08:29:23)
v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Experimental study on combined infrared and microwave drying of porous media with particular application in wood industry  (2008-08-28 07:50:24)
v [Microwave Belt Type Drying and Sterilization]MICROWAVE METHOD OF DRYING SOILS  (2008-08-28 07:40:17)
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v [industrial microwave drying flower]Drying Flowers in Microwave  (2008-08-28 07:02:23)
v [Microwave Drying Food]Physical and Chemical Changes during Microwave Drying of Rice*  (2008-08-28 06:33:24)
v [Microwave Drying equipement]Tunnel-Type Microwave Sterilizing and Drying Machines  (2008-08-26 06:10:01)
v [Microwave Drying equipement] Continus Tunnel Microwave Sterilizing and Drying Machine   (2008-08-26 06:08:58)
v [Microwave Drying equipement] Microwave Drying Machine  (2008-08-26 06:07:58)
v [Microwave Drying equipement]Mini Microwave Continuous Drying and Sterilizing Machine  (2008-08-26 06:06:48)
v [Microwave Drying equipement]Boxing Microwave Drying Equipment   (2008-08-26 04:02:31)
v [Microwave Drying equipement] Tunnel Type Microwave Sterilizing and Drying Machines   (2008-08-26 04:01:24)
v [Industrial microwave drying wood]Wood drying microwave equipment  (2008-08-22 07:17:50)
v [microwave foundry]Microwave heating module  (2008-08-22 07:11:45)
v [Textile Products]Analytical Solutions to the Applicators for Microwave Textile  (2008-08-22 06:28:49)
v [Microwave Drying Food]Modelling Convective and Microwave Drying of Potatoes Slices  (2008-08-22 06:15:28)
v [Microwave Drying Food]Dehydration of Russet Burbank potatoes by microwave-vacuum MIVAC® drying   (2008-08-22 06:13:35)
v [Microwave Drying Food]Determining Forage Dry Matter Concentration  (2008-08-22 05:53:54)
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